Alexander Grandjean - "Attraction" feat. ALEA

Release: April 16th, 2021


Alexander Grandjean - "Attraction" feat. ALEA (music video)

Director: Sara Jordan
With: Julia Just, David Alstrup
D.O.P: Sara Jordan
Assistant: Lulu Safia



Alexander Grandjean – ”Attraction” feat. ALEA (single)

After writing and producing for other artists for 10 years, the Danish music maker is now going all-in on his solo project with “Attraction” as the third single. The project celebrates dreaming and is dedicated to offer a place where everything is possible - a space for people feeling unfulfilled in life.
Next month, Grandjean’s debut album “Via Motion” is released accompanied by a 40-minute film in the album’s full length (every song has its own music video).

“Attraction” is a sexy duet about two strangers ditching the party to make out. Grandjean sings the chorus and the first verse features Danish upcoming artist ALEA:

"We could find a place to lie
We could throw a little lie
And if we want a bit of action
We could open up this vibe

We can both fly
We both know this all feels right
That’s why they call it attraction
It’s not only in our minds"

The mix of the sensual vocals, the sweet ukulele and the fresh drum machine beat creates a youthful runaway vibe: Is this the perfect roadtrip soundtrack for a corona-free 2021 summer?

The music video is shot by Sara Jordan and shows a young couple flirting and finding their way past each other’s shyness and barriers.

About Alexander Grandjean

Alexander Grandjean is a Danish artist, songwriter, and producer releasing his first solo album (summer 2021). He has produced and written songs for European hiphop/R&B artists such as German soul/reggae singer Nneka, Danish R&B singer Freja Kirk, and rappers Sivas (Denmark) and Yes-R (Holland).

Grandjean’s 2021 album “Via Motion” is an ambitious and artistic cross-genre piece that nods to hiphop producers like James Blake, Frank Ocean and Kanye West as well as indie/folk artists such as Bon Iver. The songs are a mix of melodic pop hooks, heavy bass and distorted guitars, organic textures of live saxophones, trumpets and big choirs, mixed with drum machines and samples.

Grandjean is producing and writing. With a mix of his own and other artists’ vocals, he creates a dreamy, romantic and melancholic vibe. Borders are blurred and genres are mixed - making the whole project both timeless and contemporary.

Additional info

Release date:              April 16th, 2021
Label:                           Dreamwriters / Omana Music