Alexander Grandjean - "No Words" feat. Maenad

Release: February 26th, 2021

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Alexander Grandjean - "No Words" feat. Maenad (music video)

Director: Sara Jordan
With: Lulu Safia, Luc Boris André
D.O.P: Sara Jordan
Assistant: Thomas K. Rasmussen



Alexander Grandjean – ”No Words” feat. Maenad (single)

Embraced by the Spanish guitar, the sensual voice, and the explicit lyrics, we’re invited into the first single from Danish artist Alexander Grandjean’s debut album, ‘Via Motion’ (June 2021). The song mixes Latin influences like the guitar loop, the Spanish sensual monologue and the street trumpet with an R&B beat and sexy vocals á la Sade.

With poetic lyrics, ”No Words” encourages the listener to use body language instead of words:

May the water fall slow
Take it for the road
Just let your body talk
No need for words to speak

In the bridge, a sensual female voice continues the message in Spanish (translated):

We don’t need words, mi amor
We’re free; we speak with our bodies, we speak with our hands
Can you feel the vibrations?

Can you hear the energy?
Everything we need is in the air
I inhale you, I feel you
And when you look at me, I don’t need words to speak

Grandjean explains how the song was born: “I was visiting family in Oregon and at the airport, this Spanish guitar caught my ear, so I went to the guy and asked what song he was playing. He said he was just improvising, and I asked him to play it again so I could record it. His name is Jason Okamoto and the recording you hear in the intro of the song is the recording from the airport.”

“No Words” was written by Alexander Grandjean and Jason Okamoto and produced by Grandjean and Reza Forghani. The trumpet solo is played by American soul/funk horn guru Philip Lassiter, who played with Prince for many years and worked as an arranger with multi- platinum artists like Ariana Grande, Timbaland, Jill Scott, Kelly Rowland and many others.

The featured artist ‘Maenad’ is not one singer, but an artist collective started by Alexander Grandjean consisting of Danish and international singers. The name is a reference to the followers of the ancient Greek god Dionysus: Maenads. Inspired by this, Maenad's mission is to inspire the listener to dream, feel, and temporarily escape worry, anxiety, and stress through music.

About Alexander Grandjean

Alexander Grandjean is a Danish artist, songwriter, and producer releasing his first solo album (summer 2021). He has produced and written songs for European hiphop/R&B artists such as German soul/reggae singer Nneka, Danish R&B singer Freja Kirk, and rappers Sivas (Denmark) and Yes-R (Holland).

Grandjean’s 2021 album “Via Motion” is an ambitious and artistic cross-genre piece that nods to hiphop producers like James Blake, Frank Ocean and Kanye West as well as indie/folk artists such as Bon Iver. The songs are a mix of melodic pop hooks, heavy bass and distorted guitars, organic textures of live saxophones, trumpets and big choirs, mixed with drum machines and samples.

Grandjean is producing and writing. With a mix of his own and other artists’ vocals, he creates a dreamy, romantic and melancholic vibe. Borders are blurred and genres are mixed - making the whole project both timeless and contemporary.

Additional info

Release date:              February 26th, 2021
Label:                           Dreamwriters / Omana Music