Alexander Grandjean - "Via Motion"

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Alexander Grandjean's debut album, Via Motion, was made as a full-length visual album film together with Sara Jordan & Lulu Safia.
It consists of 9 songs and 9 music videos - all together, a 40 minute film.

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"On My Mind" feat. Maenad


"No Words" feat. Maenad


Alexander Grandjean – ”Via Motion” (album)

The Danish artist, producer, songwriter and singer is releasing his debut solo album after 10 years of writing and producing for other artists. 

 “Via Motion” is an ambitious and eclectic cross-genre piece that nods to hiphop producers like James Blake, Frank Ocean and Kanye West as well as indie/alternative artists such as Bon Iver. The songs are a mixture of radio-friendly singles and more experimental and vibey tracks full of layers, atmospheres and details for the curious listener.

Grandjean writes soulful pop songs in a dusty and grainy fusion of indie/alt/r’n’b/hiphop. With a mix of his own and other artists’ vocals, he creates a dreamy, romantic and melancholic vibe. Borders are blurred and genres are mixed - making the whole project both timeless and contemporary.
Production-wise, the album blends melodic hooks, heavy bass and distorted guitars, organic textures of live saxophones, trumpets and big choirs with crispy drum machines and dusty samples.

The featured artist ‘Maenad’ is a collective of singers from different countries that cannot feature under their own artist names because they’re signed to other labels. The enigmatic name is a reference to the followers and worshippers of the Ancient Greek God Dionysus.

Notable musicians on the album: Justin Stanley (Snoop Dogg, Paul McCartney, Beck, Leonoard Cohen), Philip Lassiter (Prince’s horn arranger and trumpet player through 10 years), Cy Fyre (Ty Dolla $ign, Big Boi), Thomas Edinger (saxophone and arranger for Lukas Graham), Reza Forghani (Danish hiphop guru), Anders Schumann & Joel Krozer (mixed 6ix9ine, Trentemøller, Lukas Graham).

In collaboration with Danish director and choreographer Sara Jordan, Via Motion is released as a full-length 40 minute film (each song has it’s own music video). See it on Instagram and YouTube.

About Alexander Grandjean
Alexander Grandjean is a producer, songwriter, singer and artist from Denmark. He has produced and written songs for European hiphop/R&B artists such as German soul/reggae singer Nneka, Danish R&B singer Freja Kirk, and rappers Sivas (Denmark) and Yes-R (Holland). “Via Motion” is his debut album as a solo artist.

Additional info
Release date:              May 28th, 2021
Label:                           Dreamwriters / Omana Music