Alexander Grandjean - "Weeps" feat. ALEA

Release: January 22nd, 2021

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Alexander Grandjean - "Weeps" feat. ALEA (music video)

Director: Ross Hillier
With: Cato Caitlin, Sean Koch
D.O.P: Ross Hillier, Keenan Ferguson, Jean-Pierre Whitfield



Alexander Grandjean – ”Weeps” feat. ALEA (single)

After writing and producing for other artists for 10 years, the Danish music maker is now going all-in on his solo project with “Weeps” as the first single. The project celebrates dreaming and is dedicated to offer a place where everything is possible - a project for people feeling unfulfilled in life.

Later this year, Grandjean’s debut-album “Via Motion” is released accompanied by a 40-minute film in the album’s full length (every song has its own music video). From March, a new single (and a new part of the movie) will be released each month until the end of summer where the album comes out.

About “Weeps”

“Weeps” is a song about dealing with being in a dark space and continuously falling into blueness – a virtually global mood after an intense and abnormal 2020. The track blends a Nirvana style guitar riff with a contemporary beat á la The Weeknd in a both timeless and modern vibe. The song is written and produced by Grandjean who also sings the verses:

Have you tried to get stuck and your time kept running?
Like a dream you get lost and you’re blinded from it

When your mind is a hole and you keep free falling (…)
When you’re high but you’re low ‘cos your life ain’t forming

But “Weeps” also offers hope. The song features Danish upcoming artist ALEA who sings the chorus as her first release ever:

Land where you want
Mend what you feel is broken
You’re not on your own
When it pours from a blue sky
Healing you slowly

Days without sun
Days when you feel real lonely
You just want to be loved
But it seems that the blue sky
Weeps for you only

The music video is shot by Ross Hillier and adds to the mysterious vibe with natural and spiritual elements. The video nods to romanticism by idolizing nature as a healing force and the answer to human suffering. Through the verses, we follow a lonely rider in the desert and are then transported to a lush jungle with a sensual woman while ALEA sings the chorus offering hope and light in the darkness.

About Alexander Grandjean

Alexander Grandjean is a Danish artist, songwriter, and producer releasing his first solo album dated 2021. He has produced and written songs for European hiphop/R&B artists such as German soul/reggae singer Nneka, Danish R&B singer Freja Kirk, and rappers Sivas (Denmark) and Yes-R (Holland).

Grandjean’s 2021 album “Via Motion” is an ambitious and artistic cross-genre piece that nods to hiphop producers like James Blake, Frank Ocean and Kanye West as well as indie/folk artists such as Bon Iver. The songs are a mix of melodic pop hooks, heavy bass and distorted guitars, organic textures of live saxophones, trumpets and big choirs, mixed with drum machines and samples.

 Grandjean is producing and writing; with a mix of his own and other artists’ vocals, he creates a dreamy, romantic and mysterious vibe. Borders are blurred and genres are mixed - making the whole project both timeless and contemporary.

Additional info

Release date:                January 22nd, 2021
Label:                           Dreamwriters / Omana Music
Contact:                       dreamwritersmusic@gmail.com

Instagram:                    instagram.com/alexandergrandjean
Facebook:                     facebook.com/alexandergrandjean